Smart finance teams embrace automation

Automation technology is changing the way spending is managed – and giving employees the time they need to focus on the business that matters. This free report, created by Raconteur and Soldo, features industry-proven advice on how to do just that.

How prepared are you for the future of finance?

 • Time, money and trouble: how automation saves it all

 • How efficient payments keep staff engaged

 • 5 times employee expenses went wrong

 • How to make the most of automation in your organisation

 • Excel's biggest weakness isn't what you think

In this report:

Who you’ll hear from

The convenience associated with smartphones has the potential to transform how expenses are handled.

Finbarr Toesland

NBC, BBC, The Times

Millennials have a particularly low tolerance for inefficient expenses schemes that leave them out of pocket.

Mark Hillsdon

BBC, The Guardian

Around 90 per cent of all spreadsheets have errors, many of which go undetected and drive poor business decisions.

Alison Coleman

Forbes, The Telegraph, Economia